Industry Leader In Protective Fabrics


Producing ballistic and protective fabrics saves lives.




Lincoln Fabrics is a pioneer in the development of ballistic solutions for soft and hard armor application.


Lincoln Fabrics has created inherent fabric solutions to protect against workplace hazards that meet and exceed industry standards such as CGSB , NFPA and ASTM.


Lincoln Fabrics has been producing specialty fabrics for over 50 years through specialized solution development,  and  a thriving supply chain partnership.


Over 30 years’ experience in creating solutions for high risk military applications, including insoles for tactical vests, combat uniforms and camouflage fabrics.

Established in 1955, Lincoln Fabrics’ core business values were to provide innovative fabric solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

In the early days, Lincoln demonstrated this capability by manufacturing high performance fabrics for industrial market applications.

Since the late 1980’s, Lincoln shifted emphasis to life protection markets and developed innovative ballistic fabrics for personal armor manufacturers in military and law enforcement markets;  fire resistant fabrics for manufacturers of FR garments for firemen and oil/gas workers.

In 2015, Lincoln became part of the Monterey Group of Companies integrating our modern facilities in Canada and the US with Monterey Textiles’ capabilities of weaving, finishing, dyeing and printing.

We now have a much bigger platform to design and provide more advanced fabrics and more value to our customers.

Lincoln is Berry amendment compliant, NFPA compliant, ISO 9000 registered.

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